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Okayokayokayokayokay.  I've been looking for two Mark pictures online that I can remember seeing but I can't remember where.  Maybe you guys can link me or picspam them if you have them in a file somewheres.  

Anyway, the first one I want is one that I'm kicking myself for not saving, because it was so hot and I knew it'd be hard to find again.  It's a behind the scenes one from ESTB, during a Degobah scene, and Mark is balancing the backpack full of animatronic Yoda on one hip, I guess boosting it up onto his back.  His stomach muscles are standing out and you can see what amazing shape he was in.  Please help me find it!

The other one was Mark and Mary Lou at their wedding.  I guess I don't care what picture it is, just as long as it's them at their wedding.  I just remember looking at it and thinking, "Wow.  That's everything a wedding dress shouldn't be."  But now that I'm getting married I just want to look at it.  Not for inspiration, or to ridicule it, I just kind of like looking at other people' s wedding photos.....anyway.....

Thanks, kids!
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