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I Just had to buy this!!


I just wanted to show everyone my new collectible figure it is the 12-Inch Luke Skywalker Real Action Hero Figure by Medicom. I am a bit
giddy right now. I posted some pictures that Medicom has to show some of the
different poses it can do.  

It came this past Saturday so of course it made my whole weekend. I could not
resist it. I think I was over come by some sort of Jedi Mind Trick since it was
expensive and I should not have spent so much money.  It was about $170, But
then again it is Luke/Mark Hamill and I had to have it. Plus I love Return of
the Jedi so there's another reason I had to buy it.  If anyone is interested I
bought it at the StarWarsShop.com under their collectibles section. 


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